Catalano i voice over

Trova la voce Catalan perfetta per il tuo progetto di voice over.

Some languages transcend borders naturally, and Catalan is proof of this. It’s spoken in North-eastern Spain and crosses the border into France. Andorrans speak Catalan and throughout the region where Catalan is spoken, it has become a mass-media language. It has even had its influence on English with words like ‘Barracks’ and ‘Paella’. Using this powerful language opens up a whole new audience for you, but you’re aware that you need someone who speaks perfectly accented Catalan. It can’t be just anyone, either. A good voice over requires a professional voice actor whose voice is appropriate to your material. You might also like a native Catalonian to transcribe your script so that it’s word-perfect and punchy. We offer the full package: translations, great local voice actors and a perfect voice over recording that suits your requirement. We’re quick, efficient and you’ll get the best prices the industry has to offer.

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